Between the Lines

Between The Lines is a publication of the Softball Canada Umpires program. The publication is dedicated to the development of softball officiating in Canada by communicating news and information of interest to the Canadian umpiring community. 

Between the Lines is now available online. Not only will you be able to read the publication on-line but you can also print the publication for reading or further distribution.

Current Issue

2017 April

Previous Issues

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Editorial Team

Doug Cundall (ODC) is the editor of Between the Lines.

How Can You Help?

We are looking for photos, umpire profiles (especially newer umpires), local stories and events and all types of information on umpiring initiatives from all regions of the country. As Between the Lines will published on a regular basis, the need for content is continuous.

Between the Lines is for you and your umpires. If you cannot write an article yourself, encourage other umpires to write something. Everyone has a story to share or information and advice to pass on.

If you have a story or a story idea to share please feel free to contact Doug Cundall at

Umpire Casebook

To become a well rounded umpire, one requires a partnership of all officiating components. One component is the certification program, Levels I-IV, which strongly emphasize preventative officiating techniques; psychology; communication and evaluation skills; mental preparation; two, three, and four umpire mechanics; and rule knowledge.

A casebook is another component of the Softball Canada - National Officials Program. A thorough knowledge of the Softball Canada playing rules will strengthen an official's umpiring skills and enhance personal confidence on the field. The primary focus and effort of this component publication is to promote consistency in rule interpretations by describing situations and addressing their rulings as interpreted by the Officiating Development Committee of Softball Canada.

Please note that the Softball Canada umpire Casebook is the copyright property of Softball Canada and any use without the expressed written consent of Softball Canada is strictly prohibited.

The casebook is updated on a continual basis by providing amended or new rule interpretations. If you have any special situation that requires a ruling, please send the case to any member of the Officiating Development Committee or Softball Canada, and an interpretation will be forwarded to you.

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