Softball Canada's Umpiring Program is recognized as one of the worldwide leaders in the sport of softball. The program is administered by the Officiating Development Committee led by the National Director of Umpires (NDU), six Deputy Umpires-in-Chief, a Board Liaison and the Manager - Officials. The Officiating Development Committee meets up to twice per year in addition to numerous and discusses various agenda items about umpiring as well as assigning working groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

    umpire10.jpgI am an umpire relocating from one province to another. How do I ensure my records are up to date?

To ensure your registration records are up-to-date with the province you are re-locating to please have your previous provincial UIC or office fill out an umpire relocation form and send it back to Softball Canada and your new provincial office.

How do I keep my umpire certification manual up to date?

Whenever rule changes are approved at the Softball Canada Congress in November, it will likely mean there will be changes to the umpire certification manuals. The revised manuals will be available the following February. Most years Softball Canada also publishes a "Rule Changes" document that explains the current year's revisions. This document can be downloaded from the Softball Canada website.

How do I become an Umpire?

Interested in becoming a Softball Canada umpire? Contact your local umpires association for information on the times and locations of a local clinic. If you don't have a local association please check with your Provincial Umpire-In-Chief for more information. Their contact information can be found in the Softball Canada Directory.

Do you have a question about umpiring you would like answered?

If you have a question about umpiring that you would like answered submit your question and the answer may appear here. The Province or Territory of the official should be included in all correspondence. Rule interpretation questions should first be submitted to your Provincial Umpire in Chief. If the PUIC wishes clarrificiation then the question may be submitted to Softball Canada.


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