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Softball Canada uses WBSC umpire mechanics for 1, 2 and 3/4 umpire systems at all levels of Fast Pitch competition.

In Slo-Pitch play Softball Canada uses WBSC mechanics for 1 and 4 umpire systems but continues to utilize our own mechanics for 2 and 3 umpire systems. The use of WBSC (1 and 4 umpire) and the Softball Canada (2 and 3 umpire) mechanics applies to all Slo-Pitch play, including competitions using the mat in lieu of the strike zone and the use of a commitment and safe line instead of a live plate.


Summary of 2017-18 Rule Changes
and Comments





WBSC 1 Umpire System WBSC 2 Umpire System WBSC 3 & 4 Umpire System




SC 2 Umpire System SC 3 Umpire System
*Softball Canada uses the WBSC Field Mechanics for 1 & 4 Umpire Systems in Slo-Pitch


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