Senior Women's National Team

Softball Canada's National Teams Program is recognized as one of the worldwide leaders in the sport of softball. Canada is considered a medal threat in all four major International categories, including Senior Women, Senior Men, Junior Women and Junior Men.

The Senior Women's Top 5 International Rankings are:

Senior Women (based on 2014 ISF World Championship Standings)

1. Japan
2. United States
3. Australia
4. Canada
5. Chinese Taipei

Women's National Teams 101 Document



Standards for National
Team Consideration



  Minimum Standard National Team Best
Fastball 64mph 69mph
Change-Up 15-18 mph slower than maximum  
Any (2) of the following:    
Rise 60mph 64mph
Curve 60mph 64mph
Screw ball 60mph 64mph


  Minimum Standard National Team Best
Throw: H-2B < 2.00 seconds 1.84 seconds
Glove to glove Release < 0.95 0.80

General Fitness

  Minimum Standard National Team Best
Throwing Speed (overhand) > 60mph 68mph
Plank 2.30 min 3.45 min
Beep Test (Leger) 6.5 12
Pro Agility 5.5 4.6
Crunches 30 in 1 min 60 in 1 min
Push Ups 25 in 1 min 40 in 1 min

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