Canadian Championships

Each year, Softball Canada presents 11 Canadian Championships in various locations across the country. These Championships represent the pinnacle of many athletes' careers, as they compete for the title of National Champion. To attend a Canadian Championship, teams must first qualify within their province or territory. Age categories include U14, U16, U18, U21 and Senior Fast Pitch for women, as well as U16, U18, U21 and Senior Fast Pitch for men. There is also a Men's and Women's category at the Canadian Slo-Pitch Championships.
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Official Players List Form (OPL)

Canadian Championship Special Operating Rules (SORs)

2014 Canadian Championship Participant Survey


Event Location Dates Media
U14 Girl's Jamboree Surrey, BC August 6-10 Standings
U16 Girl's Brampton, ON August 13-17 Standings | Awards
U16 Boy's Fredericton, NB August 6-10 Standings | Awards
U18 Women's Saskatoon, SK August 4-10 Standings | Awards
U18 Men's Gander, NL August 5-10 Standings | Awards
U21 Women's Montreal, QC August 13-17 Standings | Awards
U21 Men's Irma, AB August 11-17 Standings | Awards
Senior Women's Winnipeg, MB August 6-10 Standings | Awards
Senior and Master Men's Charlottetown, PEI August 26-31 Standings | Awards
Senior Men's and Women's SP Fort McMurray, AB M: August 10-16
W: August 12-16
Standings | Awards
Standings | Awards

Canadian Championship Committee

Chair: Robb Andison
Members: Directors Lisa Down and Jackie Dugger
Staff: Mike Branchaud
Note: Any questions regarding team/player eligibility should be addressed to the Canadian Championship Committee and submitted to Mike Branchaud. For contact information, go to the Softball Canada Directory.
Select this link for contact information for 2014 Canadian Championship Chart hosts, supervisors and UICs. 

History of Champions and Hosts (1965-Current)


Event Location Dates
U14 Girl's Jamboree Open TBD
U16 Girl's Calgary, AB August 5-9
U16 Boy's Open TBD
U18 Women's Montreal, QC August 2-9
U18 Men's Fredericton, NB August 10-16
U21 Women's Open TBD
U21 Men's Napanee, ON August 10-16
Senior Women's Open TBD
Senior Men's Open TBD
Senior Men's and Women's SP Open Men: TBD
Women: TBD
For host committee contact information, click on the "Event Contacts" link under "Canadian Championships" on the Navigation menu.
Note: The Eastern and Western Canadian Championships are organized by the provinces and territories involved, not Softball Canada. For information on these championships, please contact your Provincial/Territorial Softball Association. The Eastern Canadians website is and the website for the Western Canadians is


Official balls for the Canadian Championships:

Fast Pitch

For U14, U16, U18, U21 and Senior Men's: 
K-Master Y120YCC COR .47 375 lbs. Compression, 12"


For U14, U16, U18, U21 and Senior Women's:
Red Dot PX2RYLC COR .47 375 lbs. Compression, 12"

For Senior Men's, Master Men's and Co-Ed:
Hot Dot SBC12HDSY - COR .52 275 lbs. Compression, 12"


For Senior Women's:
Super Green Dot YSX11RSC3 - COR .44 375 lbs. Compression, 11" 


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