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May 01, 2014



Learn to Play has been on a rapid increase in the province of New Brunswick and we are extremely proud of our numbers! With the addition of our new corporate sponsor, Tim Hortons, we know that this high profile company will show our parents that Softball Canada’s Learn to Play program is one that is deserving of such standards! In the past 3 years, Learn to Play has blown up across New Brunswick with more than a 200% increase in enrollment in the Kennebecasis Valley and a 100% increase in the capital city of Fredericton. This is due to the hard work and dedication of showing parents and participants the importance of teaching our children the proper, age appropriate skills needed for the sport of softball and keeping it FUN! 

Let’s face it.... the traditional game of softball can be boring to a 5 year old. A child could potentially spend the entire (traditional form of the) game never touching the ball. This is not fun, no matter the age. This is why the concept of Learn to Play is a HIT with kids! Multiple repetitions of the skills, lots of hands on action, different activities teaching the skills.... but all delivered and disguised in unique playground games. Learn to Play just takes imagination and this is why the most successful programs have the most unique ideas! Kids love to be challenged and to have fun, and it is the job of the coach to keep it exciting and new every single time they come to the field! Want a successful LTP program? Find fun, exciting, energetic volunteers to help! The right people will make Learn to Play in your community a HOME RUN!

Learn to Play is also the ticket to developing more elite softball athletes. Our most skilled coaches should be at the Learn to Play level, teaching the children the right way to catch, hit and throw at age 5 and developing them over the years. This will produce a much better and higher skilled softball athlete. A player that has the fundamentals mastered when they move out of the Learn to Play program will be ready to graduate to the real game of softball with ease!

As a coach of many sports for many years, and a mom of 2 teenagers, I have to admit that I get the most joy out of spending my night with my Learn to Play kids! Unlimited giggles, smiles, hugs and thank yous. My cup overflows on LTP night and I would not pass it up for anything! Always remember that you don’t have to be a superstar ball player, to be a SUPERSTAR Coach!

Kelly Lynch - Softball New Brunswick Learn to Play Coordinator

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