Men's National Team - Athlete's Representative

Published by Gilles LeBlanc

Published on April 14, 2014


The role of the Athletes' Representative shall be to represent the interests of all high performance athletes to the Men's National Team Committee and other organizations as agreed to.


  • To actively represent the interests and concerns of the athletes;
  • To review issues of interest to athletes which are raised for consideration;
  • To provide a forum in which athletes may share and develop information or ideas;
  • To ensure adequate communication of issues of concern to team members;
  • Keep current with the Men's National Team and issues that affect them;
  • Become familiar with Softball Canada's policies and Softball Canada's Men's National Team Program;
  • Educate Softball Canada about current needs/status of Men's National Team;
  • Educate players about Softball Canada and it's Men's National Team Program.
  • Member of the Men's National Team Committee.
  • Collection and summarization of annual input from athletes regarding Program Evaluation and provide a report to the Men’s National Team Committee.


  • Athlete reps must be prepared to serve a four-year term;
  • Attend Men's National Team Committee Meetings;
  • Attend a minimum of one (1) activity per year with Men's National Team (i.e., selection camp, tournament, etc.) such that the majority of current Men's National Team Athletes are present, where feasible/practical.


  • Must be a member in good standing with SoftballCanada;
  • Have attended a Pan Am Games or World Championships within five (5) years preceding appointment;
  • Must NOT be active at the national level as an athlete or coach at the time of election or during the term;
  • Have been chosen through an election by current National Team athletes.


  • One Athletes' Representative will be selected every four (4) years;
  • Softball Canada's Manager - National Teams will solicit all eligible candidates based on qualification requirements;
  • Eligible candidates, who are interested in this position, must provide written confirmation that they are willing to run for the position of athlete's representative, and a "bio" outlining their softball experience;
  • Manager - National Teams will distribute the list of candidates, and a voting form, to all active team athletes;
  • Voting forms are to be returned to the Board Liaison or CEO, as determined;
  • This election process will take place prior to the 2014 competitive season.

Please submit your application to Mike Branchaud, Manager - National Teams at by May 9th, 2014

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