Amending the Special Operating Rules Year to Year

Motions to amend the Special Operating Rules are addressed at the Softball Canada Annual General Meeting which is held in conjunction with the Softball Canada Congress.

The motions are discussed in advance at a Canadian Championship Workshop and then voted on at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. A simple majority of 50% + 1 is required to approve a motion. Each P/T Association is entitled to have three (3) voting delegates present (observers are allowed) and Softball Canada Board members are entitled to one (1) vote each. The AGM is chaired by the President of Softball Canada who only votes in the case of a tie.

How you can be heard

If you are interested in submitting a rule change proposal, you can fill out the Playing Rule Change Form and submit it to your P/T Association. NOTE... Rule changes are considered every two years (EVEN years).

**It is important that you provide detailed information. You must indicate whether the change applies to slo-pitch, fast pitch, orthodox or all disciplines and include the rule number and all pertinent sub-sections. You must read the rule carefully and provide the exact wording that is required to affect the change that you intend to convey. You must provide a rationale as to why the rule should be changed... what is the benefit?

To submit a motion to amend the Special Operating rules, fill out the Notice of Motion Form and submit it to your P/T Association.

Please note - Softball Canada will not accept rule change proposals or motions to amend the special operating rules unless they are endorsed by your P/T Association. It is important that you get your submissions to your P/T Association PRIOR TO the October 1st deadline. The P/T Association will require time to confirm your registration, review your submission and then, if they are in agreement, forward it to Softball Canada.

Softball Canada IS its members.
You have a right to be heard and we welcome your input.
Working together we can make this great sport even better!

If you would like further information, please contact your P/T Association or Softball Canada.

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