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Tom Bell (Deceased)

Inducted: 2016
Province: British Columbia

Tom Bell (Richmond BC) was well known as one of the biggest contributors to Softball BC’s strong umpiring program, leading the way for a number of umpires to develop and progress as working officials on the field and administrators off the field. He encouraged many umpires to get involved in British Columbia’s provincial program and set goals to achieve the best they could be. He always wanted to make things better for the sport, and spread his contributions to softball in the state of Washington and Australia.

On the field, Bell was a successful umpire but he sacrificed his own career to lead and mentor others to achieve success. He worked a total of five Canadian Championships, including the 1979 and 1984 Junior Men’s, 1982 Men’s, 1988 Women’s in Fast Pitch and 1992 Men’s Slo-Pitch Championships. He attained his ISF Certification in 1988 and worked the 1991 Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba. Throughout his on-field experience, he earned plenty of praise from fellow umpires with his attention to detail, diligence and professionalism, always striving for the best and fully supporting those he worked with.

Though he had an impressive career on the diamond, Bell was even more active in developing umpires on the administrative side, serving as Softball BC’s Umpire-in-Chief from 1981 to 1989 before serving two years as a Deputy Umpire-in-Chief on Softball Canada’s Officiating Development Committee in 1990 and 1991. During that time, he ran an umpire’s school in 1990 to develop Softball Australia’s officiating program, and used that experience to author and run Softball Canada’s Umpire Schools as head clinician. Tom Bell passed away on September 27, 2014 at the age of 79 and is survived by his wife Christine and children Colleen, Chris and Maggie.

Mike Hornak

Inducted: 2016
Province: British Columbia

Mike Hornak (Langley, BC) had a distinguished career as a working official and gave back to the sport by serving at the administrative level and mentoring a number of elite officials. As the Umpire-in-Chief of the Canada Cup international tournament, he gave opportunities to a number of Canadian and international umpires to help them succeed and propel them to the top level. He brought his strong personality to the administrative level and was able to contribute to the growth of the local, national and international umpiring programs through his support.

On the field, he worked the 1985 Junior Women’s and 1986 Junior Men’s Canadian Championships before earning his Level V and ISF certification following the 1990 Men’s Canadian Championship, and also worked the event in 1994. He then set his sights on officiating at the international level, working the Canada Cup from 1993-1996 and 1998, the 1995 Pan American Games and the 1995 Olympic Qualifier before reaching the pinnacle of his career by representing Canada as an official at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Following this major achievement, he remained in the umpiring program and provided inspiration and dedication to help others achieve similar success.

Hornak served Softball British Columbia’s umpiring community as an educator from 1984-1998 before taking the role of Provincial Umpire-in-Chief from 1998-2005, and was also the Umpire-in-Chief of the Canada Cup beginning in 1998 until he retired in 2008. Throughout that time, he chaired Softball BC’s Umpire Schools to help develop the province’s and the country’s umpires and was able to take the program to new heights with his enthusiasm and innovations. Hornak showed his dedication to the game every step of the way and gave back to help others reach their dreams.

Bruce Bierman

Inducted: 2015
Province: Ontario

Bruce Bierman had a tremendous impact on the Canadian umpiring community. He always represented Softball Ontario and Softball Canada with pride, respect and humility, and proposed many good ideas to the National Officiating Development Committee. Bierman showed his leadership skills by promoting, developing and fostering softball officiating in Ontario and throughout Canada. He was also a very good on-field official, always developing his umpire skills, applying rules quickly and correctly to the situation and became a spokesperson for the game of softball.

An active umpire in from 1981 to 2006, Bierman officiated in five Softball Canada Canadian Championships (Junior Women’s in 1987; Senior Women’s in 1993; Senior Men’s in 1990, 1997 and 2002) and was also an Umpire-in-Chief at countless provincial, national and international softball tournaments, leagues and associations, including Deputy Umpire-in-Chief of the 2001 Canada Summer Games in London and Softball Ontario’s Umpire-in-Chief from 1989 to 1994. As an international umpire, he represented Canada at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In addition to all he has done on the field, Bierman also dedicated many hours to the development of umpires by instructing at numerous umpire clinics and has attended and/or volunteered at all of Softball Canada’s Blue Conventions. Bierman is an individual who worked tirelessly for the betterment of Softball Ontario and Softball Canada's umpiring program. His greatest trait and legacy is the way in which his patience and endless volunteer time has expanded and increased the depth of quality umpires in Ontario and across Canada.

Ron Cooke

Inducted: 2014
Province: New Brunswick

Ron Cooke had a stellar umpiring career that expanded over three decades, and has given his time to teach and mentor both new and experienced umpires, not only in New Brunswick but across Canada. As a leader, Ron took on many roles, such as a local administrator and clinician. He is known as a master teacher and motivator who is able to bring the best in individual umpires, always providing a positive growth environment for his charges. Ron also spent countless hours as a volunteer researching, developing and drafting content for Softball Canada’s Umpire Casebook. His rule knowledge, interpretation, understanding and explaining in writing of them were exceptional.

On the field, Ron was a very successful umpire who worked four Canadian Championships (Senior Men’s in 1978 and 1988; Senior Women’s in 1980 and 1983) and supervised 11 others as an Umpire-in-Chief or Deputy Umpire-in-Chief. He earned his Level V designation in 1988 and his International Softball Federation (ISF) certification the following year before attending the 1991 Pan American Games in Cuba as an on-field official, where he worked the bronze medal game due to the fact Canada was playing in the Gold medal game.

In addition to his accomplishments on the field, Ron also offered significant leadership at the provincial and national levels off the field. As a leading national clinician, he supports the program at countless local, provincial and national clinics, and also supported emerging umpires through his work as an Umpire-in-Chief or Deputy Umpire-in-Chief at numerous provincial events. His vast knowledge, down to earth manner, ability to point out tips to fine-tune an umpire’s game and professional approach were all great talents he demonstrated in these capacities.

Frank Hughes (Deceased)

Inducted: 2014
Province: Prince Edward Island

Frank Hughes started umpiring at the age of 13 and first registered as a Softball Canada umpire in 1977. He umpired at four Canadian Championships before obtaining his Level V certification in 1991, and served as an Umpire-in-Chief or Deputy Umpire-in-Chief at four other Championships. Locally, provincially, nationally or internationally, Frank gave his best at all times. If not on the field working, he would always be at the field watching. He loved the sport of softball and was always willing to share his knowledge and passion with other umpires, and he especially loved to watch minor players and offer assistance and advise on how they could improve.

He was a member of Softball PEI’s executive for over 20 years, holding several positions such as Ladies Director, Umpire-in-Chief, Treasurer and President. As an administrator, he attended numerous Softball Canada Annual General Meetings and Congresses as a voting delegate and attended national and provincial Umpire-in-Chief meetings. When Softball PEI’s Umpire-in-chief resigned, Frank returned to his roots as an umpire and served four more years in that position. He was later named the Umpire-in-Chief for softball at the 2009 Canada Summer Games, but was unable to accept the position due to illness.

Frank was also a major contributor to the development of umpires in Prince Edward Island by organizing numerous umpire clinics that went far beyond the classroom, and was frequently involved with local host committees for Canadian Championships in the area. He initiated and developed a Novice umpire manual for Softball PEI and updated it regularly, with the resource still being used to this day. Sadly, Frank passed away on June 24th, 2012 but he will always be remembered by his family and the softball community.

Nancy Morrison

Inducted: 2014
Province: New Brunswick

Nancy Morrison is a highly regarded softball and basketball official who has been heavily involved in sport since the early 1980’s. After playing softball for several years, she became a certified umpire in 1987 and officiated in three Canadian Championships before receiving her Level V and ISF certification in 1997. From there, she went on to represent Canada as an umpire at numerous international events, including the 1999 Pan American Games, the 2001 ISF Women’s World Championship, the 2003 Olympic Qualifier, and finally the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, where she worked the plate in the semi-final matchup and on the field for the Gold medal game.

At the administrative level, Nancy is a certified Instructor/Evaluator and has been a regular instructor at several Softball Canada Blue Conventions. As an Olympic umpire, she became an ambassador of the sport and has spent many hours sharing her love of softball and her Olympic experience. Nancy represented Canada very well on the international scene and would pass on whatever knowledge she had picked up in her endeavours including supervisory experiences at Canadian Championships and her on field officiating at Canadian, World and Olympic Championships.

On top of her accomplishments on the softball field, she has used her natural abilities and professional training as an educator to support the program off the field. Whether acting as an umpire supervisor at a Canadian Championship, leading instruction at a national mechanics school or presenting a session at the Blue Convention, Nancy is always able to lift others, particularly young people, and help them become better officials.

Jimm Barr (Deceased)

Inducted: 2013
Territory: Northwest Territories 

Jimm Barr worked with umpires from across Canada and left his legacy as a mentor, instructor and role model. He was one umpire you wanted on your team when you went to "war", so to speak. He had great game control and always had your back. Many umpires will remember Jimm’s stern yet fair demeanor when dealing with players and teams.

He began his illustrious umpiring career in Saskatchewan in 1980 and worked several Canadian Championships before relocating to the Northwest Territories where he would go on to serve as Umpire in Chief for five years. He continued working local games and attended several major tournaments throughout the country at his own expenses, earning Level V and International Softball Federation (ISF) Certification in 1990. He umpired in 10 Canadian Championships and worked the 1994 and 2002 ISF Women’s World Championships as well as the 2000 ISF Men’s World Championship, also officiating at the 1995 Women’s Olympic Qualifier in Puerto Rico.

Jimm served on Softball Canada’s Officiating Development Committee (ODC) from 1996 to 2000, and served as a Canadian Championship Umpire in Chief eight times and Deputy Umpire in Chief four times as well as presenting at several Blue Conventions. He moved to Saskatoon, SK in 1996 and to London, ON in 2006 where he passed away on March 8th, 2012. He is survived by his wife Diana Barr and son Nolan Barr.

Stan Hay

Inducted: 2012
Province: Alberta

Robert Stanley (Stan) Hay entered the Hall of Fame as an official for his many contributions in this area. Widely respected by all umpires, players, coaches and administrators who have had the pleasure to know him, Stan is an umpire who always went above the call of duty and contributed as much as he possibly could to the sport of softball.

After umpiring in   three Canadian Championships (Senior Women’s in 1975, and Senior Men’s in 1980 and 1982), Stan began a stretch of nine years in which he supervised an astounding 13 Canadian Championships, including two per year from 1986 to 1989. He was one of the first umpires to receive his Level V Fastpitch designation in1980, and was later grandfathered in with the equivalency of Level V in Slo-Pitch due to his great knowledge of both disciplines. He was also one of the first two Canadian umpires to pass the ISF Recertification Clinic in 1987, and umpired at the 1981 ISF Youth World Championship and the 1988 ISF Men’s World Championship.

In addition to his tremendous involvement on the field, Stan also contributed to the national umpiring program as a member of the Officiating Development Committee from 1986 to 1991. He was also a member of the executive of the Calgary Umpire’s Association from 1980 to 1990, and also a member of the executive of the Alberta Umpire’s Association from 1981 to 1987. In addition, he has attended all seven of Softball Canada’s Blue Conventions (held from 1997 to 2013).

Dave Moore

Inducted: 2010
Province: Saskatchewan

Dave Moore is a long-time umpire who has participated in an astounding amount of Canadian Championships and International events. He has been an executive of the Saskatoon Bridge City Umpires Association since 1977 and also served on Softball Saskatchewan’s Board of Directors from 1981 to 1987.

At the national level, he obtained his Level V International status in 1985 and officiated at the Women’s Canadian Slo-Pitch Championship (1998) and four Senior Men’s Canadian Fastpitch Championships (1980, 1985, 1994, 2007), while also serving as Umpire in Chief or Deputy Umpire in Chief at several Canadian Championships, Western Canadian Championships and two Canada Games (1993 and 1997).

At the international level, he umpired at the ISF Women’s World Championship in St. John’s Newfoundland in 1994. Each year, Dave also submits questions for the Softball Canada Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch National exams, and regularly holds rule interpretation clinics in Saskatchewan.

Al Shenduk

Inducted: 2010
Province: Alberta

Al Shenduk joined the Edmonton Men’s Fastball League as a player in 1967 after playing four years at the University of Idaho on a baseball scholarship. As his playing career came to an end, he registered as a Softball Canada umpire in 1977 and went on to officiate in three Senior Men’s (1982, 1985 and 1987), one Senior Women’s (1990) and one Junior Women’s (1992) Canadian Championships.

In addition to his success on the field, Al has also been very involved on the administrative side of softball, hosting and attracting many clinics in the province of Alberta and serving as Softball Alberta’s Umpire in Chief from 1990 to 2005. He was also the UIC for numerous Canadian and Western Canadian Championships, and also contributed to Softball Canada on numerous projects.

He was inducted to the Softball Alberta Hall of Fame in 2006, and recently joined Softball Alberta’s Board of Directors (2010).

Don Bracey

Inducted: 2009
Province: Ontario

Don Bracey, an official from Oshawa, Ontario, has made many contributions to the sport of softball in addition to his many years of officiating. His umpiring career began in 1980 and he quickly made an impact at the local, provincial and national level, umpiring at numerous Provincial and National Championships over his lengthy career.

In 1989, Don was granted Level V status at the Canadian Senior Men’s Championships, and later worked that very same event in 2003. Between those two major appearances, he also worked many other Canadian Championships at various levels. At the International level, he worked the 1994 (where he worked the plate during the Gold medal game) and 2002 ISF Women’s World Championships.

In addition to his hard work on the field, Don was also very involved in the administration side of officiating, serving as a member of the Officiating Development Committee and working as Umpire in Chief at various Canadian Championships. He mentored many officials as a Master Instructor and Evaluator, and his greatest impact on the Softball Canada Umpire Program was when he created and maintained the Softball Canada Umpire Case Book – a resource that provides a practical implementation of the rules for umpires, players and coaches, which is considered one of the best teaching aids for everyone involved in softball.

Don was also the chair of the 2003 Blue Convention, and was also awarded with the HSRS Umpire of the Year award that very same year. In 2006, Softball Ontario awarded him with the Jim Bradford award, which is awarded annually to a Softball Ontario Fast Pitch Umpire that best exemplifies the characteristics of leadership, educator and evaluator.

Ivan Mader

Inducted: 2008
Province: Nova Scotia

Ivan Mader began his involvement in softball back in 1967, when he volunteered as an umpire and coach in New Brunswick. He then moved on to Ontario and finally arrived back to his home province in Nova Scotia in 1977, where he has lived and been involved ever since. Ivan also dedicated a lot of time to the administration side of officiating, serving as a regional umpire-in-chief, deputy umpire-in-chief and Provincial umpire-in-chief from 1991 to 2003. His umpiring career on the national level included six Canadian Championships – one Junior Men’s Championship (1983), two Senior Women’s Championships (1987, 1991) and three Senior Men’s Championships (1989, 1991, 1996).

Throughout his years as an umpire, Ivan also find the time to be active as a builder, league president, coach and manager of various minor softball and baseball programs. One of his many successful programs was in 1994 when he launched a junior officials program. He was selected Softball Nova Scotia’s Umpire of the Year in 1988, Softball Canada’s Umpire of the Year in 1994, and also earned Softball Canada’s Indicator award in 2001.

Ivan has been a registered umpire for over 30 years, and was inducted in the Softball Nova Scotia Hall of Fame in 2001. He has spent many hours instructing at various clinics and supervising umpires, always putting the interests of the program and others before his own.

Walter 'Butch' Ryan (Deceased)

Inducted: 2008
Province: New Brunswick

Walter "Butch" Ryan sadly passed away on May 19th, 2001. He was a pioneer in Softball Canada’s Officiating program. He began umpiring in the 1950’s and his involvement was tremendous all the way up to the year 2000. He umpired in or supervised six Canadian Championships (1978, 1981, 1983, 1988, 1992, 1994), often working the plate in Championship games. He was also a Softball Canada National Deputy Umpire in Chief for three years and a leading instructor and mentor for   Softball New Brunswick for 30 years, conducting many clinics to help develop local umpires.

Butch was a true technician and clinician of the game, always trying to help others become better umpires. He was a member of Softball Canada’s Officiating Development Committee from 1981 to 1985, and was responsible for National seminars and Program Development for all officials in the country. He was an Umpire in Chief at numerous Canadian Championships in the 1980’s, having at least one National assignment each year.

The highlight of Butch Ryan’s long and illustrious career was in 1981 when he received his Level V Officiating certificate. That same year, he officiated at the World   Youth Tournament in Edmonton, Alberta, which is recognized by the International Softball Federation (ISF) as the first Junior World Softball Championship.

Walter "Butch" Ryan was inducted into Softball New Brunswick Inc.’s Hall of Fame in 1994.

Wayne Brown

Inducted: 2006
Province: New Brunswick

Wayne Brown became the true definition of an Umpire. Wayne's beginnings as an umpire began in 1969. His national umpiring career began in 1975 when he was an on-field umpire for five consecutive Canadian Championships, a supervisor for 21 Canadian Championships, two Canada Games as well as the Chair for the 1994 Senior Women's Canadian Fast Pitch Championships.

In 1986, Wayne was promoted to Deputy Umpire in Chief for Softball Canada before being named as the National Director of Umpires in 1994 - a reign that lasted until 2004. In 1995, he was also named the ISF North American Regional Umpire in Chief and held this title until 2005.

In international competition, Wayne was an on field umpire for the 1989 ISF Junior Men's World Championships and the 1993 Maccabiah Games in Israel. He was the Deputy Umpire in Chief for the 1999 and 2002 Men's Pan American Games, the 1997 ISF Junior Men's World Championships, the 2001 Women's Pan American Games and the 2002 ISF Women's World Championships. He was also an Evaluator for the 2001 ISF Junior Men's World Championships.
Wayne's contributions to umpiring extend beyond the actual ball diamond. He is responsible for the implementation of the Level IV certification program, the restructuring of the Mechanics School, the creation of "Between the Lines" and the "Canadian Indicator" newsletters. He is also responsible for the launch of the "Blue Convention", the   "Umpire of the Year" Award and the creation of the Master/Evaluator Clinic.
Wayne Brown was also inducted into the New Brunswick Sport Hall of Fame in 2005, the Softball New Brunswick Wall of Fame in 2003 and the City of Fredericton Wall of Fame in 1998.

Lucie Carmichael

Inducted: 2005
Province: Quebec

Lucie Carmichael is the youngest in a family of three children. Born in Québec City, Lucie studied at the CEGEP of Limoilou in Sciences and at Laval University, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Science as well as a Master’s degree in Bacteriological sciences. 
She first got involved in ball as a coach of a minor baseball team and also began to officiate in soccer and baseball. Lucie would officiate in baseball for four years. She began to officiate Fast Pitch in 1982 in Junior leagues and Senior Men’s. It was not always easy to gain respect in the Men’s games. She would participate in many competitions at Provincial, National and International levels, which led to receiving her International certification in 1993. 
She involved herself as a volunteer in her local area and later on, on the Provincial Officiating Development Committee until she became the Provincial Umpire-in-Chief in 1997. She would later become a member of Softball Canada’s ODC from 1998 to 2000. Lucie participated in many umpiring clinics as an instructor at the regional, provincial and national levels as well as south of the border. She served as Umpire-in-Chief and Deputy Umpire-in-Chief at many provincial and national events. She attended the Blue Convention as a guest speaker in 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003. She also conducted presentations at the National level on the status of women in officiating.
In 1996, her ultimate goal was reached with her nomination as an umpire to the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Lucie gained international recognition, earning the honour to be chosen as home plate umpire for the gold medal game. Lucie’s career is filled with success, achieving many individual honours, such as Softball Québec’s Umpire of the Year, and being inducted into the Québec Hall of Fame in 2003. Lucie has made a notable contribution to the development of umpiring in Canada as well as achieving many international goals.

Jim Bradford (Deceased)

Inducted: 2003
Province: Ontario

Jim Bradford, born in Toronto, Ontario, was a highly valued member of the umpiring community. Jim's achievements came both on and off the field. Jim was a teacher who had a positive impact on his students and peers. He was always fair, had a kind word to say about everyone and his quiet integrity gained him respect by all. His daughter once said that Jim may have been late for everything in his life, but he was always on time for a ball game. Jim umpired his first Canadian Championship in 1982 and continued umpiring and supervising activities through the 2000 season. Jim also umpired on the international stage; in 1987 he umpired at the Pan Am Games that took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was very active in the softball program as an instructor at various Blue Conventions and served on the national Officiating Development Committee from 1988 to 1993. Jim achieved his level V Fast Pitch status in 1985, and in 2000, received his level V Slo-Pitch status, making him the only umpire to earn both designations. In Jim's honour, the Umpire Committee of Softball Ontario present an annual "Jim Bradford Memorial Award" to deserving Slo-Pitch and Fast Pitch umpires who emulate the qualities and characteristics that Jim exuded. He was a very humble man who is greatly missed.

Robert "Bobby" Smith (Deceased)

Inducted: 2002
Province: Nova Scotia

Robert "Bobby" Smith’ s umpiring career spanned 18 years, during which time he was widely regarded as one of the best umpires ever produced in Nova Scotia and among the best in Canada. He was known for his professional, levelheaded, no nonsense approach and gained the respect of players, coaches and fans alike.

Douglas Earl Foster (Deceased)

Inducted: 2002
Province: New Brunswick

Douglas Earl Foster is one of the pioneers of the Softball Canada Umpiring program. He began at the local level in Saint John, New Brunswick, was instrumental in the success of the provincial program and was a driving force at the national level. For over 30 years his on-field and off-field presence improved the game.

Sharon Sinclair

Inducted: 2000
Province: Ontario

Max Pye

Inducted: 1999
Province: Nova Scotia

Gerry Howard (Deceased)

Inducted: 1995
Province: Manitoba

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