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The Junior Men’s National Team Program for 2016 will compete in the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s World Championships, which takes place in Midland, Michigan July 22-30, 2016. The purpose of this document is to set out the process that will be used by Softball Canada to select athletes to the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s World Championship Team.

This selection process has the following objective:
  • Select the best possible Team for the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s World Championship. While some objective criteria will be used to select the Team, it is also recognized that there is a significant subjective element. Subjective elements include such factors as previous and current performance, experience, positional requirements, leadership and team cohesion.


To be eligible to be selected to the Team an athlete must be in good standing with Softball Canada, must be a Canadian Citizen holding a valid Canadian passport, or alternatively must be a person eligible for Canadian Citizenship who is actively pursuing Citizenship.

To be eligible to be selected to the Team, the athlete must further meet any age requirements and citizenship requirements stipulated by the organizers of the event at which the Team will be competing. 


The Head Coach has final authority for all selection decisions, including selecting athletes to the Team, removing athletes from the Team, and selecting replacement athletes to the Team where applicable. In making selection decisions, the Head Coach will consult with the Manager - National Teams (NT), and with the coaching staff, defined for the purposes of this document to include assistant coaches, scouts and evaluators as designated by Softball Canada.  


Team Selection

A Selection camp will be held in Kitchener, Ontario from June 2-5, 2016. A total of 24 players have been invited by the Head Coach, who consulted with his assistant coaches and the Manager – National Teams on the selected athletes. An initial invitation list was published after the August, 2015 preparation camp. The Head Coach may add additional players to the camp, up to the maximum number of 32 athletes, at any time after consultation with the assistant coaches and the Manager – National Teams.

The final selection of 17 players will be published after the Selection camp on or before June 9, 2016.

Factors that will be considered in this selection include physical and technical aspects of the game, as well as team dynamics. These factors, which will be assigned weight by the Head Coach, as he deems appropriate for the decision-making process, include:

  • Previous and current performance
  • Experience
  • Positional requirements (primary and backup)
  • Present and projected development and/or improvement
  • Leadership/Contribution to team chemistry
  • Availability for competition and training

It is understood that in making selections to create the best possible Team, it is possible that the best individual athletes may not be selected. The Head Coach also has the discretion to name an athlete to the Team even though that athlete may not have participated in evaluation camps or other selection activities.

The timelines that will be followed in selecting the athletes to the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s World Championship team will be as follows. Note that specific events, dates and times may be subject to change.

  • Initial list of up to 24 players invited to selection camp released in September, 2015
  • Additional players, up to the 32 maximum, may be added at any time prior to the selection camp.
  • The Selection camp will be held in Kitchener, Ontario June 2-5, 2016.
  • The Head Coach and Assistant Coaches will select a team of athletes to represent Canada at the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s World Championship no later than June 9, 2016.
  • Alternates may be added to the Team to replace an athlete removed from the team pursuant to section 5. The addition of alternates to the team is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach and will be in keeping with the philosophy of fielding the best possible team.


If unforeseen circumstances arise which do not allow for this selection process or the above timelines to be implemented as outlined in this document, Softball Canada reserves the right to identify an alternate process or alternate timelines. Should this occur, all athletes in the Selection process will be notified of these changes in a timely manner.


5.1 Upon selection to the Team, an athlete must:

a) Sign a Team member agreement
b) Provide Softball Canada with all required documents (passport information etc.)
c) Participate in Team events, activities and meetings, as directed by the Head Coach or his/her designate
d) Ensure they wear proper equipment and clothing
e) Obey all rules established by the Head Coach and/or Softball Canada
f) Assist Softball Canada in public relations and fund raising projects where required

5.2 An athlete may be removed from the Camp or from a Team where the athlete:

a) Is unable to meet performance expectations;
b) Is unable to perform due to injury, illness or for other medical reason as determined by Softball Canada’s medical staff;
c) Is unable to commit to National Team Program activities and events (note that an athlete may obtain an exemption from the Head Coach and Softball Canada)
d) Violates team rules and/or Softball Canada’s policies and procedures
e) Exhibits conduct that is detrimental to the image of the National Team program of Softball Canada.
f) Breaches the Athlete Agreement
g) Voluntarily withdraws
h) Is removed by a Softball Canada Discipline and/or Appeal panel; or
i) Fraudulently misrepresents themselves


Where necessary and appropriate, an athlete removed from a Team may be replaced by an alternate selected by the Head Coach.


Softball Canada selections for the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s National Team may be appealed in accordance with the procedures set out in the Softball Canada Appeals policy. Any dispute relating to the Softball Canada Internal nominations procedure for the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s Worlds Team must be brought according to said policy, or may be brought directly to the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) with the consent of all parties and at the discretion of the SDRCC.

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